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AUTO CLUBS are for roadside services only:

Roadside service is covered by auto clubs. WARNING- When you request a motor club to tow your vehicle after a crash, it becomes a consensual tow, there is no limit on the amount they charge. In 2013 a law to help motorist from being scammed went into effect.   If a towing company, you or law enforcement did not contact you must be given the total charges in writing  by the towing company before they load a vehicle.  An auto club is never a replacement for auto insurance.  You may request a 3 letter company, both side of the towing unit MUST have their name attached or painted on the doors.  If another companies name is on the doors, you are entering into a legal consensual agreement with a 3rd party. They do not have to recover your vehicle under the auto clubs guidelines, they legally can charge any price they want for the towing  & storage fee's, no government agency can cap the fees they charge. Protect yourselves by getting the charges in writing.  However, if you are not present during the tow, there is very little that can be done, no matter how much you feel you are over charged. You are always best to know the towing company or request one of law enforcements rotation towers.

While there are many benefits that may come along with the auto club, towing after a crash is not one of them. When this service is provided through an AUTO INXURANCE company,  they are paying the recovery and tow bill, they will dispatch the towing company they deal with for a fair rate set prior to sending a company. We try to let parents and all motorist know, it is always best to get towing coverage from your auto insurance company.  You do not have to have full coverage to add towing to your policy. The charges run around $3.00 to $7.00 every year or bi-yearly. Even with our family owning and running a wrecker service, we have this on our personal  automobile insurance policies.