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Ten Commandments for Preventive Tire Maintenance Performance and driving safety are two key elements for your safety that’s why we would like to share with you some small actions that will help you drive in total peace of mind and safety.

Pressures should be checked on cold tires (including the spare).Never “bleed” or reduce air pressure when tires are hot from driving, as it is normal for pressure to increase above recommended cold pressure. Best to let a vehicle sit for at lease 3 hours after driving, prior to checking tire pressure.

Check your tires periodically for irregular wear.  Balance the tires periodically and/or when vibration occurs. When impacts and punctures occur have a check carried out on the inside of the tire too. Comply with the speed rating and load index. Driving style and speed directly affect the life of your tires also. Always following impacts with curbs, after driving where you made fast sudden stops (for spots that may have 'flat spotted'), and always after an auto crash.

Tires must be replaced when worn to the tread wear indicators, even if only in one part of the tread. The old saying, using a penny between the tread, if you can see Lincolns' head, you need a tire with more tread, rotating tires will help get more life from your tires