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Link to Maximum rates set by the County Commission

Due to the format, we can only publish a link to the rates. We hope you understand. Please remember, the posted rate for day and night is for the 1st 30 minutes a wrecker is on site. Other labor pricing is listed also; such as: Winching, uprighting, crash wrap to prevent water from getting inside your vehicle, service calls etc.,%22pageNum%22:1,%22resultsPerPage%22:25,%22booleanSearch%22:false,%22stemming%22:true,%22fuzzy%22:false,%22synonym%22:false,%22contentTypes%22:%5B%22CODES%22%5D,%22productIds%22:%5B%5D%7D&nodeId=COLA_CH11LITAMIBURE_ARTXIIITOSE_DIV3ROTO_S11-350FECHROTO