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Danny has received awards from local, state & national towing & recovery associations. He is the current leader of the Capital City Florida Independent Towing & Recovery Association. He has spoke to the Florida legislation stating what will be best for the motoring public.

Danny has worked hard to achieve the following awards for the services he provides. His goal is to continue providing the same quality of service he has been awarded for. Helping each person to the best of his ability..

2010 - Ride For Those Who Died; An honor to those who have given their all in the line of duty, Rest in Peace ..........GREEN ~ PONCE ~ WARREN..........

May 09'   Florida Independent Tow Show ~ Best Over All

08'  Nominated by City of Tallahassee Chief Of Police, awarded by American Towmen;  THE AMERICAN TOWMAN CROSS

11/23/08 Baltimore American Towman Work Shop, continuing education.

08'  FITS -  Best Over All

07'  FITS - Best In Class

06' PWOF- #1 Working Class Wrecker

05'  PWOF -  2nd Place, Best Over All