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The Danny B's Towing and Recovery Family

Danny & Lisa will be the first to say, we are 'Parents and now Grand parents too, who happen to run a wrecker service.'  Living in a town with so many students, they have become known as the temp 'parents' of many students from out of town each year. If we can not assist a motorist within an hour, we will find a company we trust with our family members, we'll do our best to locate reputable company who can. 

Danny grew up going to work with his Grandfather, he ran a corner service station with a towing service. His Grandfather was one of the first to see the need for 'salvage' yards, Glenn's Service Station is how Auto Salvage of Ithaca came to be, which was open until 2015. When we needed to find out how long Danny had been driving and operating a wrecker on his own for insurance reasons, we had to laugh when the answer from his father was, during a bad snow storm we needed an extra driver, Danny was 8 years young at the time. By the time he turned 15 he was running service calls during his lunch hour along with recoveries after school. For his 16th birthday Danny was given his own wrecker a 1974 Chevy with a Holmes special recovery unit, helping motorist became a way of life for Danny.  When Danny's Grandparents moved to warmer weather in Florida only a few years past before he joined them. Danny went from driving a recovery wrecker for the largest towing and crash recovery companies in the Danby, Ithaca Upstate New York area in 1978. He used his knowledge of taking cars apart and went to a trade school to become an auto body and paint technician so he could get continue doing what he loves, operating a wrecker in Tallahassee. After years of working as a auto body shop / wrecker manager and being hit four times by other vehicles, while recovering crashes for law enforcement he no longer could continue to do both and as his Father and Grandfather had done, he and wife Lisa chose to start there own wrecker company. 

As Danny had followed in his families footsteps, Lisa grew up watching her Father Harold Felshaw Sr., working for the State of Florida as he lobbied for safer roadways for law enforcement and all other motorist  He worked on the towing rules and regulation from the 70's till he retired in 1993. He was a member of the three men who came up with the "ARRIVE ALIVE" slogan for the State of Florida. Together Danny and Lisa make a great team. Lisa learned how motorist could be mislead after being involved in an automobile crash and the stress that more than not, goes along with the events which follow. With the lessons she learned as a child, she now continues on her Father's goal of motorist safety and those who work on, beside or near roadways. She has worked with local, district and state government to rid their area towing industry of sexual and violent criminals. She lost a very good friend to a drunk driver on graduation night, later in life she lost a friend who drove after drinking, thus keeping her fight for all areas to have a DUI Prevention Towing year round.