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Our office is open Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Wrecker services to help stranded motorist & crash recoveries are available 365 days 24/7.  If we can not meet your needs in a reasonable time, we network with other companies and will call the one closest to your location.  Motorist safety always comes first.

IF YOU ARE IN AN ACCIDENT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK AN OFFICER TO CALL DANNY B'S TOWING TO RECOVER & SECURE YOUR VEHICLE. If you are in a crash, your main concern needs to be on your health and health of any passengers with you. We do our best not to add stress to an already stressful situation. The Officer who is working your crash will ask you if you have a wrecker company you would like to use. We hope after learning about DANNY B's TOWING and RECOVERY , we become the wrecker company you trust to recover your vehicle along with protecting the personal items in your vehicle. When we tow the vehicle to our secured lot, we weather wrap areas rain may get in, lock all doors and the key is placed in a safe place. Only with your permission will anyone see or get anything out of your vehicle.

Our Families job is to be here for yours. No one plans on being in a crash, their car not starting or locking the keys inside a vehicle We plan our lives around being here for those in need