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New Laws To Protect You From Being Over Charged

If you are asking for a motor club by name, which is not through your auto insurance to tow your vehicle from a crash site, you are entering into an agreement between you and the company that arrives.  Florida law, now requires any tow company who shows up, not requested by you or law enforcement to give you the full rate in writing BEFORE they hook to your vehicle.  This is to stop the auto clubs who send out sub-contractor towing companies , who may turn your tow into an insurance claim. This law is to protect motorist from any third party towing company (sub-contractor of Auto Club) who may try to charge you government set rates for crash recoveries or more. When no one tells you a roadside service company will NOT cover a vehicle involved in a crash, the daily storage fees nor administration fees.  Many motorist believe the tow will be free of cost or covered in full by the motor club along with a second tow to a repair shop or salvage company.

Another question you want to be sure to ask, If they tow your vehicle on one day, how long do you have to wait before they will cover and pay for another tow.  If it is night time, you have no spare tire, where should you have your car towed to, if it is towed to your home Rarely will a motor club pay for a secondary tow the next day.

Governments, nor law enforcement can set rates for an auto club.  This leaves you at the mercy of a towing company. If the actual auto club is towing your vehicle, both sides of the tow truck will have the motor clubs name permanently affixed (painted or lettered) on the doors. If  "1234" is not on both doors, you are dealing with a sub-contractor for the motor club, not a motor club you are a member of.