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Safety Travel Tips

While checking your tires, be sure to check your spare, these lose air over time, best to always air the spare before you hit the road.

Check the date you purchased your battery. You can clean your battery connection by mixing baking soda and water in a squirt bottle. (make sure caps are tight if your battery has them) Think of this the same way you would when washing a sore with peroxide, when the post and connections quit foaming up, they are clean.

Check the level of oil when your vehicles motor is cold. Make sure the oil is to the full line.

While the hoods up to check your oil, add fluid to the window washer bottle. Checked and top off all other fluids. Check your wiper blades, I have learned the hard way, you don't realize they are not in good condition until you get caught in bad weather. This is when the driver is left at the mercy of the person selling wiper blades...

Take a good look at your belts while your looking under the hood, check for any dry rot, splitting or to much slack on your belts.

Check your flash light for build up where the batteries go. At least once a year replace them.

If you are using a GPS, still pay attention to the road signs, detours, one way streets, you never can tell what your eyes may see that you GPS doesn't know about !

If you are driving an older vehicle or allowing your child to go out of town, we suggest the before the trip placing a piece of cardboard under the cars motor, if there are any leaks, the cardboard will soak them up. You should be able to tell what may be leaking or take it into an auto supply store and let them help you. Remember to call your insurance company and make sure the vehicle has towing coverage. Even if you only have PIP on an older vehicle, towing coverage can be added for about $10.00 for six months. 

    It could be the LAST thing you ever do...